Meet Manuela and Learn How She Overcomes the Bullies

An overachiever since very young, Manuela has always kept herself busy both during and after school. She enjoys being on the high school yearbook, tutoring fellow students in Spanish, and working part-time at a local fast food restaurant. She has one of the highest GPAs in her class, and dreams of going to college, something none of the women in her family have ever done. She also wants to become a producer for a major television network.

Growing up in a Latino family, Manuela had never felt ashamed of her body. Her female family members, including her mother, sisters, aunts, and cousins, all have full figured bodies and are moderately overweight, and are seemingly happy with their lives. Given her female family members’ positive influence on her, Manuela had never given her body or weight a second thought until she was bullied during her senior year of high school.

Learn about Manuela’s struggles with the bullies by reading her story below.

Bully Story

Right before the start of Manuela’s senior year, her father got a new job and her family moved to a different school district. Manuela, with her normally sunny disposition, embraced the challenge of attending a new school, feeling confident all would go well.

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Zeni’s Response

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