Meet Zeni

My Journey to Becoming a Superhuman, Divine Being

Greetings, Friends!

I’m Zeni, a Superhuman, divine being, and I want to thank you for stopping by Keep Gigging which is the home of my inspiring messages, powerful affirmations, and uplifting videos. All of the messages, affirmations, and videos contained on this site were inspired by me during my journey in the swamps as I searched to find my Prince Charming. My heartfelt, and sometimes heartbreaking, journey is recounted by me in the The Toad Chronicles book series.

For those of you who don’t know me, well, let me take a moment to introduce myself. Besides being a successful author, inspirational speaker, avid animal advocate, and entrepreneur, I am also the brainchild of Nikki Karis, who considers me to be her inspiring avatar.

Sometime in 2008, Karis started outlining the first book of The Toad Chronicles series (set to release early 2018) and putting together ideas for an inspirational company. At that time, as Karis has described, she had a “Eureka” moment when my name and image suddenly popped into her head. Well, from that moment forward, Karis started visualizing my role as protagonist of The Toad Chronicles series and spokesperson for her inspirational company, Finding Zeni.

In the first four books of The Toad Chronicles series, Karis recounts my quest to find Prince Charming and what I thought would be the perfect person and relationship to complete me. What I discovered after a lot of heartache and hardship, however, is that life isn’t about finding the perfect person or relationship. It’s about rediscovering your Superhuman, divine self.

Let Me Help You Become a Superhuman, Divine Being

When I look back on my journey in the swamps, I wonder how I ever believed that someone or something other than myself could actually complete me. It was a tough life lesson learned, no doubt, but the wisdom I discovered along the way helped me become who I am today.

Armed with this invaluable knowledge, I slowly awakened from the deep slumber I had been in for decades and miraculously transformed to become my Superhuman, divine self, the authentic person I was meant to be, not the person who others wanted, needed, or expected me to be. And while I am not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, I am able to accomplish some incredibly amazing things.

Come to find out, the life altering wisdom I discovered has been coveted for eons by dark, evil forces who don’t want humanity to learn about it and awaken to its full potential. Lucky for you, though, I am here to share my amazing discoveries, to empower folks like yourself to awaken and become your Superhuman, divine self as well. I want to assist humanity in creating peace, love, happiness, good health, and abundance, a virtual Heaven on Earth, as I like to describe it.

You Can Transform and Become the Superhuman, Divine Being You Were Born to Be

Via the messages, affirmations, and videos showcased on this site, as well as Zeni Says, Be Forgiving, and I am Zeni, I share the many life lessons I have learned and the wisdom I have discovered, helping you become stronger and more inspired. I want to assist you in conquering life’s challenges and in regaining your Superhuman, divine power.

I know you can do it, my Friends! I know you can overcome whatever difficulties and challenges you are experiencing. Admittedly, the journey can be tough at times, but with my assistance, you can become the Superhuman, divine being you were born to be.

Enjoy my “Inspiration from the Swamps”. It’s my gift to you to help you live a more enriched and fulfilling life. Also, tune into the official YouTube channel for Keep Gigging for my videos to uplift and empower you!

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