Zeni Says Will Empower You to Overcome the Bullies

Part of the Finding Zeni inspirational company, Zeni Says is dedicated to helping people of all ages, from all walks of life, and from all parts of the world, overcome the devastating effects of bullying. Via Zeni Says, Nikki Karis passionately promotes the concept of self-love as the key to self-empowerment and the acceptance and tolerance of one’s faults, foibles, and imperfections and those of others as a way of combating bullying while bringing kindness, love, and compassion into the world.

Bullying is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, having been bullied from the time I was in elementary school through high school, even up into my professional career as a lawyer and now author and inspirational speaker. I will never forget the day I arrived at school in the eighth grade to find three hundred girls wearing “I Hate Nikki” pins on their shirts.

While the pin wearing incident was started by one girl who bore a personal grudge against me, all of my best friends, with the exception of one, proudly displayed their pins throughout the remainder of the school day. This was just one of many heartbreaking incidents of bullying that occurred to me during my youth that left a formidable scar on my self-esteem.

Zeni Says Will Empower You to Overcome the Bullies

Having struggled with self-esteem issues for decades and finally overcoming them, I want to share the valuable life lessons and wisdom I have gained via the stories of Zeni in my book series, The Toad Chronicles, as well as those of the teen-aged toad characters who serve as the inspiring role models for Zeni Says.

All of the teen-aged toad characters have experienced bullying due to the fact they have imperfections. They look, act, or think differently than what is considered normal by society’s misguided standards. After sharing their heartbreaking stories of bullying with Zeni, the spokesperson for Zeni Says, the teen-age toad characters receive a heartfelt message from Zeni who shares with them her own experiences of being bullied as well as the wisdom and life lessons she has learned via her inspiring messages, affirmations, and videos. Together, the teen-aged toad characters join Zeni in rising above and overcoming the devastating effects of bullying while bringing kindness, love, and compassion into the world.

Sadly, bullying, especially the dreaded cyber bullying, is an epidemic that continues to escalate. It threatens persons of all backgrounds and ages, especially children, teens, and young adults. Zeni Says is positioned to help combat this epidemic by providing a safe space in which people can seek advice and find inspirational messages, positive affirmations, and uplifting videos to carry them through difficult times.

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An overachiever since very young, Manuela has always kept herself busy both during and after school. She enjoys being on the high school yearbook, tutoring fellow students in Spanish, and working part-time at a local fast food restaurant. She has one of the highest GPAs in her class, and dreams of going to college, something none of the women in her family have ever done. She also wants to become a producer for a major television network.

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Personal Note about Bullying from Author/Creator Nikki Karis

For decades, I struggled to rebuild my self-esteem lost to the bullies. I tried my hardest to please others, to meet their expectations of who they wanted, needed, or expected me to be. I strove for perfection in all areas of my life, thinking that if I was just better, others would come to love and accept me for who I was. Worse off, I ended up in intimate relationships that were either emotionally abusive or filled with unrequited love, believing that a relationship could somehow fix the broken parts of me.

It all became a vicious cycle where the more I gave to people, the more they expected and wanted from me in return. The more I strove for perfection, the higher the bar was set for me by myself and others, leaving me constantly striving for a level of perfection I was never able to obtain. The more I sought to find the perfect person or relationship to fix me, the farther away I actually came from finding that perfection.

After a series of life altering incidents, however, including the death of my father in February of 2007, I finally woke up and realized I was getting things all wrong. The light bulb went off in my head, so to speak, and I realized that the key to overcoming the negative effects of bullying and rebuilding my self-esteem was self-love. I needed to look internally and learn love to myself, to accept myself with all of my faults, foibles, and imperfections, versus looking externally to fix the broken parts of me.

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